About Us

Corporate Information:
The Mississippi Minority Business Alliance, Inc. was founded in 1997 as a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization.  It came into existence with the mission of building strong partnerships and relationships among large corporations, government agencies; and small, minority and women-owned businesses.  The goal was to create and expand opportunities for small, minority and women-owned businesses, while supplying a source of qualified businesses to satisfy contract needs of government and large business entities.

Company Overview:
Since then to present, MMBA has endeavored to serve as a resource center for its member base.  As the only statewide private organization that advocates for minority and women-owned businesses, MMBA has filled an important void in the state of Mississippi to serve as a principal advocate to minority and women-owned business development serving as a conduit for training and technical assistance.

Throughout its 20-year existence, MMBA has forged strategic initiatives to satisfy its mission.  In this effort, MMBA has provided a range of services to promote and elevate minority and women-owned businesses.  The services include:

  • Manage the Women Business Center of Mississippi. The only U.S. Small Business Administration sponsored Women’s Business Center in the state of Mississippi.
  • Training and technical assistance to more than 1,500 individuals, organizations, and business owners, as positioning for women and minority inclusion in contract opportunities.
  • One-on-one intensive business counseling to approximately 300 start-ups and existing organizations seeking business support.
  • Hosted approximately 62 networking opportunities designed to establish inroads for minority and women-owned companies for contract opportunities.
  • Sponsored 13 awards galas annually to celebrate minority and women-owned business owners and hosted conferences on innovative strategies for minority organization development.
  • Sold Out First Inaugural Power Luncheon that brought together leadership of top government and private organizations, resulting in minority and women-owned business exposure to new markets, including international trade.
  • Provided 10 regional workshops, which included technical assistance and training opportunities to strengthen minority and women-owned businesses’ ability to deliver on contracts.
  • Hosted minority and women public education events for partner organization, governmental entities, and private corporations.
  • Sponsored advocacy and local community efforts that support minority and women-owned business.
  • Hosted vendor fairs for Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning to expose minority and women-owned businesses to state university contract opportunities.
  • Service provider and mentor to businesses housed at the Mississippi e-Business Innovation Center (MBIC), located in the Jackson State University e-Center.

In an effort to reach greater numbers of businesses, MMBA has adopted the posture of a HUB to deliver programs that better prepare the business community to compete effectively.  For over 20 years, our support has run the gamut from one-on-one training and advocacy, to outreach education seminars, and relationship-building events with Mississippi’s Institutions of Higher Learning, and other public and private groups.  Over the years we have provided recurring events as well as minority and women representation at private and government agency events across the state of Mississippi. Our organization has developed and is now managing programs that are specifically responding to the technical assistance needs of the business community.