Featured Member: Mississippi Gulf Coast Renaissance Corporation

Renaissance Corporation, a nonprofit lender, offers unique, personalized lending services for mortgages and commercial loans. We specialize in three lines of business: community, housing and economic development. Since inception, our focus has been to work collaboratively with leading public agencies and private entities to address development challenges, to help make distinct improvements to the blighted and distressed communities in Mississippi and to promote community and economic development through our programs.

The nonprofit group had the foresight to understand the key to the area’s recovery would be a unified effort focused on redevelopment and since then, Renaissance has helped make distinct improvements to the communities by promoting community and economic development through various programs implemented to deliver effective and meaningful results.

Our success has been marked by our ability to understand the communities’ needs, to create a highly qualified team to meet those needs, to develop a customized and thoughtful approach to the programs we implement, manage and proactively define and achieve short-term and long-term objectives for our programs.