SBA Emerging Leaders

As you know, SBA’s Emerging Leaders Initiative advanced training series is available to established business owners/executives who are seeking methods to further grow their business through in-depth methodologies. The link below provides nationwide statistical data which indicates businesses completing the training yield higher sales, lending capacity, increased staffing levels, access to federal contracting opportunities and more.  

Prospective small business owners must:

  • Have been in business for at least 3 years
  • Have at least one employee, other than self
  • Have annual revenues of at least $400,000 up to $10 million (there is some wiggle room regarding this requirement)

There is no monetary cost to participate in this training.  However, to get the maximum benefit of this program, the training will require your pledge to attend each class time as meetings will .  Your primary pledge regards attending each class.  Evening classes twice a month will start in the Spring with classes and graduation to conclude in the Fall.

Download the News Release HERE